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An Interview with Gay

I have been practicing kinesiology since 1995 professionally – and it took me longer than it should have to build it into a successful business – longer because I have a business and sales background, my Dad groomed me to take over his business from when I was a teenager but I ended up going overseas instead.

I must have learned a lot because I had no problem getting managerial positions in the UK and ended up, at 21, being asked to open a branch of Alfred Marks Recruitment in Southampton when I went in to sign up for work.

I came to Australia a couple of years later and worked in sales and publishing and had several small businesses… then I became a practitioner.

I did what I could but it was hard. All the business concepts I knew didn’t seem to translate. Traditional business plans didn't seem appropriate. The choices of where to advertise, what to say and how to get found were overwhelming and writing about myself was nearly impossible … I watched colleagues stop following their dream because selling their talents was just too hard. And I nearly did it too – many times.

Finally a few years ago a client who was a business coach and fan of my work got so annoyed with my lack of business acumen in my own work – I was actually doing kinesiology with their firm  – that he created a brochure for me and started coaching me. He challenged my belief that I didn’t need to market myself as the right people just seemed to find me.

My business started to transform. Next I found Robert Middleton and started implementing his programs. My business grew exponentially.

Robert called for interest to become a certified coach offering his brilliant program. I had a number of business clients I thought would benefit from the training and had always been interested in supporting other practitioners.

I decided to apply. Financially I knew the September session was logical timing but something made me apply for the earlier April session, fortunately – because that was his last. I was accepted and the program transformed both me and my business. I learned so much, partly due to the training, but also the gift of having a Mastermind Group with similar values and someone to be accountable to.

The work I offer is an amalgamation of all I have learned. Not only do my clients learn fail safe techniques to grow their business but they also let go of the blocks that are holding them back from success. And to ensure their long term success my clients have access to an on-going Mastermind program complete with accountability.

I love helping people who do something they love get visible and create a reliable business! 

If you would like more information on how I can help you to kick start your business and achieve your goals, please contact me on +61 (0) 7 3255 0099.


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